Thursday, March 29, 2012

February 2012 Theme is : A B and C

Each member has created 3 items to cover the letters A, B, C

Wendy Kirk - House shaped journal book

Suzanne K - ATC/ACEO cards theme: Color my world is color names - some in other languages

Shannon Proffitt- tag art for a tag book

Robin - Fabric Journal

Lee W. - Tag books (2) for journal books for her children

Josie Hancock - Art created based on life experiences

Jean E Roman - Fabric Journal

Barbara Bennett - Mixed Media Art Cards


  1. These are all, truly wonderful art!

  2. These are all so wonderful! I almost wish I was still a classroom teacher. It's awesome to have art challenges that tie into my background and passions.

  3. Wonderful work from all of the entrants...really lovely...!!

  4. Beautiful!!! I must say though the fabric journal is my favorite!! Simply exquisite!!

  5. The variety of art here is astounding. Well done all!!

  6. Such a huge creativity among you all, I like all the different styles!
    Hugs, Elenor

  7. Some lovely ideas here. Are you planning any challenges for 2014?